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We all have bucket lists, resolutions, stuff we need to change about ourselves, our lives… but we rarely achieve them because we are happy doing what we know best. I am happy in my comfort zone, in my little routine, or at least that what I think happiness is. But now it hit me, I have just turned 29 -my last year in my twenties if it wasn’t obvious enough-(I am not going to cry about it, because I am a grown up woman, yes I am yes I am) and I feel the need to make some changes. This time I am not going to procrastinate and wait for the big 3-0 to do that. I want to enter in my thirties feeling good about myself, my body, my health and unfortunately I am not there yet. I have 12 months to think about what is good for me and what is not. I know that this blog post sounds super cliché but I need some cliché (with some rosé please) in my life right now.

So far so good. Creating my own blog was something I wanted to do for so long but excuses were always there to remind me that I could go to sleep or watch TV instead. Now, I have a blog! I can proudly scratch that off my forever changing list of random stuff to do before I die. Oh oh, I have also been trying to stop drinking sodas. My burger feels lonely but me? I am doing great.

Among other things I would like to change, are my lifestyle, my crappy moods, my lack of confidence, not having a REAL hobby (my job and travelling are not real hobbies, let’s just clarify this now).

But hey, I still have some things that I don’t want to change about myself like being ¾ of the time positive about everything, sleeping 7 hours straight, goofing around, not taking life too seriously…

So much to do, but this time I do not have a real deadline because the changes I want to achieve are life ones.

I am writing my first blog post eating a bag of potato chips and drinking a freshly squeezed orange juice…oh well, I am still balancing it all.

Happy New Year to me!



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