Travel home

I love travelling. You love travelling. Everybody loves travelling. Repetition is key.

Other than the great memories, the million pictures and the fridge magnets I bring back home, there are some habits; we only do while in a foreign country, which I need to do everywhere.

Smaller is better

I wander on the streets of a country, where I know no one and when sometimes I don’t understand the language, carrying a small purse/bag, but back home I have to have my big fat bag with me all the time. WHY? If I survived the trip why can’t I do the same here? Everyday I feel like travelling to work or to the mall with a bag bigger than my car. So… I decided to use smaller bags and get used to having less things with me. My right shoulder will thank me later.

Nature loving

When abroad, I get excited about a tree, a flower, a sunset, a cloud. I should do that more often on a daily basis. Watering the plants shouldn’t be a chore. I should show more love to our local greens. Sunrises are pretty everywhere, and let’s face it, it is the same sun that rises and sets everywhere we go. Imagine how it would feel like when we do not appreciate it just because we didn’t pay 600$ to see it.

New food

When travelling to a new country, every restaurant is a new restaurant. We might love the food or we might (yes, you said it before reading it) hate it, but there is something exciting about not knowing what to expect. We live in an era when we check reviews for EVERYTHING: movies, books, clubs, resorts, emotions… Being prepared is great, but venturing into the unknown is better. There are so many places I haven’t tried… yet…


Thank god I bought “running shoes” so that I could take them with me on vacation (they were hoping to see the gym though…). While abroad, I refuse to take taxis and try to avoid public transportation, because walking is the best way to discover a city and enjoy every detail. When I travel I transform into an architecture-junky, a photography-queen and a marathon-athlete. When I get back, I revert back to my couch-potato-car-loving form. We have amazing streets, buildings and landscapes everywhere, we just need to walk and look, walk n look, wakalook. Easy!

Less overthinking more dancing

Goofing around, jumping, dancing, posing for pictures… these are some things I do when I am a tourist. But when I am a local I am too afraid to act weird just because! So what? Sometimes, I just need to get loose and enjoy the moment, not caring about what people would think.

Here I am, carrying my small bag and wearing my running shoes, enjoying the sunset while eating a weird looking hot-dog IN MY HOME COUNTRY. Yay!



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