Paris by feelings

I couldn’t start a blog without talking about Paris. It would be nonsense. If you know me you would probably know by now that I have a huge crush on this city, like if I could marry it (her, him, them) I would (waiting for the law to change).

First of all, you have to see the Eiffel Tower. It is very impressing. WHAT HMMM NO, in this post I am not going to tell you what to visit because clearly you don’t need me for that (actually you don’t need me at all), but I am going to tell you how Paris makes me feel and why I keep on coming back.


A tourist is a happy person. I played the tourist so many times that I got very good at it. Yes, whenever I come to Paris, I visit the same spots, eat from my favorite places and buy from my beloved shops. But most importantly, I now know the places to avoid. My pictures are getting better but my emotions are still the same: happy, amazed, excited, and surprised. I have a stupid smile on my face at all time.  Everytime is like my first time and that feeling is priceless.


I have been in Paris so many times that whenever I am there, I get nostalgic about everything. My life, my last trip, my friends, my long hair, my short hair… how I was, what I was doing… going back is like reaching a new milestone in my life. I remember stuff based on my travels. I don’t know if I am making any sense but Paris makes me think and remember the parts of my life I never want to forget.


Vacations in general make you feel energized, resourced and ready to achieve new things in your everyday life. And that is exactly what we all need. Whenever I leave the city of lights, I have the urge to become a painter, a writer, a jogger, a chef and a fashion model. I feel the need to create something new, to shake things up, to change the world (sorry I got carried away).


Like a bird (or a pigeon to be more accurate). Paris makes me feel like I can do whatever I want whenever I want and it would still be ok. I can have an ice cream for lunch and a croissant for dinner. Travelling is not having to follow some rules (who makes the rules?!). Travelling reveals the real version of me. Cutting my own hair, taking a selfie with my feet, wearing silly hats, made me feel free (I am sorry if you expected extreme stuff).


Some alone time is not necessarily a bad thing. Enjoying my everyday activities alone helps me build up my confidence. I feel like I got my life together. Eating in a busy restaurant, reading a book in the park, running errands… Doing these random things by myself make me appreciate them more. Back home, I don’t do any of this… I don’t know why…

In Paris you can be whoever you want; a dreamer, a kid, a Parisian, a tourist… and feel all the feels. I guess you can easily relate if you have a place that you love so much. What is your Paris?

Paris stole my heart and I am not willing to take it back.



7 thoughts on “Paris by feelings

  1. Aw I love this! I visited Paris last year, and since then I have been dreaming of going back! It is just the most perfect place ever. I think it’s cool how you have your favorite spots there! I was only there for a week and I had favorite spots too- Ladure and Sacre Coeur. Next time your there check them out! How are you able to visit so often?

    Take a look at my post “Paris in the Fall” 🙂

    1. Hello 🙂 Paris is just the best! I visit it alot because i am part french, from my dad’s side. Going back to Paris is like going to my second home even if i don’t actually have a house there haha i love the Sacre Coeur too! I will check your post!

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