For the love of compliments

I don’t know how to take a compliment but I sure do know how to give one.

I clearly lack of confidence in general because whenever I am told something nice I automatically have the perfect comeback that will completely destroy the initially nice words. Here is a list of examples:

“You look nice today”“Really? I feel like I am wearing pajamas”

“You’ve lost some weight”“NO -au contraire- I have put on some weight. Or is it because I am wearing black”

“Your hair is cool”“Haha I woke up like this and I need to wash it”

“What a beautiful handbag”“I got it on sale”

OMG SANDRINE just shut up and say thank you!

I can’t. It is something I can’t control. I have to prove everybody that they are wrong and there is absolutely nothing nice to say about me. Period. Do they believe me and question their own compliment? I hope not…

I just have to learn to appreciate them more.

On the other hand, I am at ease when giving compliments to others. I don’t do it all the time – because hey you gotta earn your compliment- but when I really like what I see I make sure to let the peeps know. It will make them happy so why not? I don’t fake my compliments, nor do I lie. What’s the point?

“I love your nail polish” “This dress fits you perfectly” “You are glowing today” “I really liked your FB profile pic – in the real world too”… As easy as that…

Annnnnnd if I don’t like something I don’t say anything unless I am asked about it. I don’t understand why people would say negative things so randomly knowing that the person put effort into it or hoped nobody will notice. We do not need a talking mirror, thank you very much.

“Oh you have a big zit on your forehead” “You got fat” “You don’t look your best in this picture” “I would have gone with a different shirt”

Give & take compliments… We could use that kind of love.

Thank you for reading my Monday thoughts, you are awesome (and I mean it)!



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