Things you don’t know about me (the light version)

It might be too soon for me to write this kind of post because at this point my only readers are either family members or friends -who like to read from time to time- and they must all know me well by now (I hope so, or else WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?). But it was kind of an introspection. Like who is me? Me is what? Why me speak like that?

So voilà, here is small list of stuff that define me.

I don’t know how to sing

Not the “Oh I don’t like my voice, it is not very nice” type but more like “If I sing the most popular song, you will never ever guess it” type. I can’t hit any note. I sing in my car, with people, in the shower but with music in the background, always. If I ever go a cappella, ears might bleed (mine included).

I have a slight obsession with shower gels

Yes, you read me well. I have to buy and have the newest; most original shower gel there is out there. It is like the main thing I bring back from my travels. I don’t know why really… Now my family buys me shower stuff as GIFTS and I still get very excited about it, like a kid. I am the proud owner of a great collection that I sometimes take out and show to my sister (who tries to get as excited as me but fails because she is not crazy).

I cannot depend on someone

I am not talking about family and relationships, of course. I mean the small, everyday stuff that people enjoy doing. I’d rather depend on myself. I don’t have any problems learning how to do my hair for example (I cut my own hair) but I do have problems going to a hairstylist (the fact that I will never get what I asked for anyways is a another story). I’d rather cut my own pair of jeans than having them sent to a professional. If I can’t do it, I know it will never get done. Having to go somewhere at a specific time kills me. I m fragile like that.

I am allergic

I sneeze everyday. Before heading out, I make sure to have some tissue paper on me before checking for keys, phone and money. Priorities. People think I have the flue 24/7. Dust, cigarettes, perfume, guinea pigs -recently- mites, carpets, fall, spring, winter, summer… everything make me sick. Sometimes I think I am allergic to life.

I cry a lot, but only in movies

And in commercials. And in animated cartoons. And if you are crying. In the movies, when the teenage dinosaur lost its father I got very emotional. Was it the music? Or the fact that dinosaurs do not exist anymore? Or the constant emptiness I feel in my life? But on a positive note, I can easily use my “I have allergies” excuse to my friends, (I blow my nose all the time anyways); so that they won’t know I cried my heart out during “The good Dinosaur”. (Even though, deep down I am sure they know the truth, but I prefer to think I outsmarted them.)

I hope I find someone who is EXACTLY like me.



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