Feeling inspired


I am starting a new section called “Suggested by You”. Well, everything on this blog is new, I am still trying to figure out the layout, the logo, the sections… But I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine about my next article and it hit me: why not write posts about subjects suggested by friends? It can be about anything. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

For this post, I was told to write about Inspiration by ME HaHa (I don’t want to sound sad or anything, but I am my friend, right? RIGHT? Do I get extra points for being honest?). Well, it does sound weird, because all the topics of the blog are chosen by ME, but this section’s first draft is here to motivate you and make you share your ideas with me.

So, I had a meeting with myself and we came up with this subject: 

I N S P I R A T I O N.

Inspiration. This is such a big word. Without it I wouldn’t have become a journalist in the first place. I need it in my life, it is like my bowl of fresh air. Everything around me is inspiring: every conversation, every story, every landscape, every friendly face… We just have to open our eyes and listen carefully. Whenever we seek for some life advice we end up not following it, because we see it coming, it is like hearing our conscious talking through our friends. And who wants to hear that? Inspiration is new stuff. And who doesn’t like that?

Inspiration triggers all our senses at once. We get that stupid smile on our faces. Inspiration is a feeling that hits us in face when we least expect it and fills our brains with ideas, motivation, ambition and drops of happiness.

Sometimes I can stare at my blank screen for ages not knowing what to write about and sometimes I can write a memoire about my pajamas. They are so colorful and comfy. Wearing my pajamas is like being carried by the fluffiest cloud and flying PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE MY FINGERS STOP!

Inspiration is what keeps us creating and growing. The fuel that keeps us going. Without it I wouldn’t have started this blog and you wouldn’t have had something to read. Oh My…

Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis, without knowing it.

P.S. Waiting for your ideas, please give this new section a real meaning.





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