Emoji Texting

Hello. My name is Sandrine and I am an emojiholic. Nobody responds because I am alone during this session. The mentor is not here either, because he has better things to do.   If you've ever received a WhatsApp from me, it is always packed with emojis. Always. I do not know how to write … Continue reading Emoji Texting


The mystery friend

This #suggestedbyyou section is getting more and more interesting. Friends are suggesting I talk about them. Everybody is inspiring in his/her own way, so why not? I am writing a post about someone my friends and family know very well. I won’t say the name, you, as readers, will try to guess it in the … Continue reading The mystery friend

For my Arabic readers

اي هاف بن طولد تو رايت إن ارابك. هير اي آم في احد ايام الشتاء القارسة، ذهبت مع رفيقي عبدو الى الغابة لنستكشف اسرار الطبيعة الخلابة. الاشجار كانت كبيرة، عارية من اوراقها، اغصانها كانت ترقص على طرب الرياح. يا له من مشهد جميل. كان عبدو يشعر بالبرد الشديد، كونه لن يرتدي المعطف، لانه رفض ان … Continue reading For my Arabic readers