Why do I still live where I live?

I am a French-Lebanese little person and I live in Lebanon with urges to visit Paris at least once a year. But why do I still live in Lebanon, when I can just leave? I am proud to be Lebanese, OF COURSE. I am happy to have the best family and the most awesome friends here. But do you ever feel that sometimes you just don’t belong somewhere, that there is something missing? For now, I am still here and for some of the best reasons. These are FEW of them:

– We can get away with anything; we just need to know someone who knows someone who heard something. PR 101.

– We complain and make fun about the same things. We cry and laugh. Mainly we laugh, around some Shawarma. But then we get angry again. We are crazy.

– We talk 4 languages at the same time (Lebanese, English, French and Social Media) and we make complete sense (even more sense than using one proper language).

– We love food. Food is life. Nothing much to add.

– We have great yearly weather and we are 24/7 tanned. Summer tan, ski tan, UV tan, Pakis tan (haha #sorrynotsorry it sounded funny in my head).

I love it here buuuuuut I have the feeling that I have failed my Middle Eastern side though. Here is PARTLY why:

– My first name and last name. Mainly. (Try to order something by phone with that name).

– I am starting to loose my Lebanese accent. But who cares, I make Arabic mistakes and make my friends laugh. WHO IS THE FUNNY ONE OF THE GROUP NOW?

– I do not smoke the arguileh, shisha, cigarettes, and cigars… because allergies!

– I do not look like Lebanese girls/women, nor do I look like the French, I am plain. Confidence boost: plain yogurt, plain croissant, plain white T… plain can be good.

– Sometimes I love to follow the rules too much, like if there is a queue I will respect the order. The Lebanese are sometimes, out of nowhere, BLIND “Oh I didn’t see the 10 persons waiting in line”.

– I do not party everyday, pa-pa-pa-party everyday. The Black Eyed Peas wouldn’t be proud of me. But they are not Lebanese so there isn’t any chance they would know who I am… Ouf!

– I love my car but sometimes I wish we had proper public transportation. The basics…
Maybe I will move someday, I hope I will. I should give my European side a chance and fail it. This is how I roll.



15 thoughts on “Why do I still live where I live?

    1. Dear Sandrine ,
      We all wish the same , having transportation , have a quick solution for the garbige etc ….
      Just give the new politicians the chance to solve all these problems , yaane a few months than , if you feel still stuck in this , we will leave with you . .
      Miss you a lot.

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