Work work work

For my first official post on “Suggested by You”, I am going to talk about the perks of starting a new job. This idea was suggested by the lovely Aline from Nouchaline Blog. (Check out her stuff like NOW then comeback to this article I BEG YOU). Aline is one of my new coworkers (or co-workers, decide for yourself) and she happens to be one of the coolest chicks I’ve met. This whole thing makes sense.

In the beginning of 2016, I took some time off to figure out the meaning of Life. I came up with nothing so I decided to get a job and be a normal human again. In other words, I was jobless for more than a year and now I have found a job I kinda like.

New job=new chapter=lots of changes=√32@45#2WTF8&512

Soooo… I am not going to talk about all the emotional phases I went through, you don’t want to read that right? RIGHT? Just imagine a girl who is PMSing all day everyday. Voilà that will do. So, in this post, I am just going to highlight the good stuff because everything has a positive side (and I need this job).

Meeting new people is the best thing in general. In the office, listening to my coworkers’ stories (ranging from creepy and weird to funny and intellectual) and learning what they do in the company (A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE IT GUYS WHO KNOW HOW TO MAKE MY SCREEN NOT BLACK ANYMORE)… the whole thing fascinates me. When some of my past and present colleagues turn into friends THIS is how I know I’ve made it.

Having a new job is the ultimate opportunity to reinvent myself. I start wearing new clothes that scream, “I get my life together”. I can be whomever I want for a couple of months; the time before the real ME emerges again and sues my self for being a fake beach.

LUNCH. The best time of a working day. With every new job come new habits, new restaurants to order from, unexpected cakes, and nutritional discoveries… I mean I spend all day waiting for my stomach clock to yell, “It’s time to feed me!” An alarm I will never EVER snooze.

Me in this new job: “Will the real cute guys please stand up?” No one stood up. There goes a perfectly good perk of starting a new job to waste.

My friends think I have the coolest life. My coworkers “seem” interested about my weekends’ outings. My parents are proud. I can re-use the jokes my “entourage” is tired of hearing. That will do.

Aline, thank you for coming up with this idea. I hope I didn’t disappoint you. And if I did, let me know so I can write a post about “How to disappoint people”.




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