Super Pizza

A dear friend of mine-who is one of the best dieticians I know-suggested I talk about PIZZA. She surely knows the way to my heart and my thighs. I am not going to go all Wikipedia on you and tell you about the story and history of this oh-so-delicious piece of heaven but I am going to tell you how many times Pizza saved all kind of situations. Super Pizza.

Dates: I am going to be honest with you. I RARELY order salads in restaurants. And if I do I manage to eat it in the weirdest way possible. I will always try to go against all odds and try to fit the whole lettuce in my mouth. WHY DO KITCHEN PEOPLE DON’T CUT IT? WHY? So imagine the face I make… The dressing goes on the table, on my clothes, in my date’s eye… (Burgers didn’t even make the first selection because you know why). So Super Pizza comes to the rescue! It’s good, it can be eaten with a fork and a knife and it’s sharable (you have to forget that you are Joey-Doesn’t-Share-Food for a moment). First impressions matter.

Travels: Are you as happy as I am when I see an Italian restaurant in a foreign city that isn’t Italy? It is hard to find a pizza that doesn’t taste good. Super Pizza saves the day, especially when you didn’t quite like the country’s foods. A great meal that keeps you full for a long time, perfect for walking and sightseeing. Who agrees?

Cooking: I am not a cook nor I am trying to become one. Pizza is something easy to make. If you are too lazy, I have two words for you: Frozen Pizza. Or according to this post, I have 3 words for you: Frozen Super Pizza. Or according to what came to my mind while writing this, I have 5 words for you: Anna And Elsa’s Super Pizza. Let it go, let it goooooo… (That’s enough Sandr).

Diversity: Pizza comes in different types and shapes (not everyone knows how to make a perfect circle), so you will always find toppings you like. Plus, lets face it, the more you eat pizza the more educated about Italy you get. A step closer to marrying a hot Italian guy. Super Pizza, ti amo (Thank you Google Translate, I was going to write it like that: te amo).

Cheese: Omnomnom… Anything is delicious as long as it has cheese in it. AMIRIGHT? If you know me well, you know I don’t eat cheese. IAMWRONG. It is sad. But luckily, I only have cheese when it is melted. Super Pizza is my source of cheese. Thank you for being my extra shot of calcium.

I love pizza (and apples, and whole wheat bread, and omega 3, and cardio-my dietitian friend is reading this) but what I love most about it is the way it makes me feel: happy and full, mainly happy (we never get really full until we have dessert).

MARVEL: Please make Super Pizza real.



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