GUYS :P :D :(

I have been told by several persons to talk about guys, obviously. Because I am a girl/woman (mostly girl, not yet a woman, Heeeey Britney!), I must have something to say about the opposite sex. Don’t we all?! But unfortunately, I have nothing to say.

It’s been a real pleasure.











Thank you for scrolling down and believing in me, my writings and my humor.

These are SOME of my thoughts about guys.

Boys/guys/men are the reason we get dumb sometimes, on purpose or involuntarily. We want to give them some power from time to time: Can you carry this heavy bag? Tell me more about politics. Please, help me calculate my share of the bill. Park my car. Doctor Strange is part of the Avengers? How come the probability of feeling the sensation of a light earthquake while deep sleeping is slightly inferior to feeling the sensation of falling in our dream? Oh you are right, 2+2=4, my bad! A SPIDEEEER, KILL THAT BEACH you strong humaaaan!!!

They are the reason we laugh alot. Let’s face it, even though we are funny as well, they turn everything into a joke, in a good way. They always have something to say. They can easily outjoke a joke you just made. Then, for your ego, you try to outoutjoke them but then BAM they outoutoutjoke you again, just like that… So you laugh and stop this vicious cycle because you are the mature one (reality: you don’t have another joke that can top that, so you cry inside but don’t wanna show it because women stuff… you get me?).

They are the reason we cry for the most stupid things. For example, tears are going down if they reply with a “K” after your long detailed texts (with dates, facts, comparaisons, inside jokes, pictures, quotes, screenshots, trendy hashtags…). Well to be honest, you don’t cry directly after the “K” (you are too proud): you get angry very angry, then you think and overthink, so you eat and eat again, after that you happen to look into the mirror and at this precise moment you cry because you are afraid of getting FAT after all that ice cream-chips-cheese-chocolate-kale-combo you ate out of despair (and no, Kale doesn’t make EVERYTHING healthier, I wish). I am not gonna go even near the no “goodnight text”.

They are the reason I am writing this post niahahahahahahahahaha

To all the guys out there, you are the reason we FEEL and simply for that, you are deeply loved.



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