My sister’s many jobs


This sister post was suggested by my…LEGEND… wait for it… LEGENDARY Sister, of course. She wanted me to talk about her. Easy. So I am dedicating these few words to her and to all the big sisters out there who can relate. I am not going to write about how great she is or the fact that she is the best sister in the whole world (oops I just did) but I am going to write about how I really see her (with and without my contact lenses).

My full-time Santa Clause

She spoils me. All the time.

My birthday: A gift. Christmas: A gift. I am sad: A gift. She gets back from vacation: A gift. Fashion sales: A gift. Summer: A gift. Monday: A gift. After reading this post: A gift. *hint*hint*

My second mother

(Just in case the first one was having some forced time out)

She cooks and make SURE like super SURE I get the bigger portion. She takes care of me when I feel like crapidi crap. She insists on knowing whenever I reach a certain destination. She buys me chocolate all the time, not very motherly ( having two kids-me and the guinea pig-is hard enough, so it is okay if she forgets the candies).

My trusty psychologist

She gives me advice whenever I need a good listener even though, deep deep down, I know I will end up doing what I want (like we always do in life) but I appreciate the fact that she plays along, endorses her psychologist role and listens to my nonsense. But i don’t really like the fact that she charges me for these consultations. I am kidding. No I am not. Yes I am. Am I?

My biggest fan

She likes every joke I make; the good ones and the bad ones. Well, her laugh is not the same, but hey, she laughs, and that is fine by me. And if she doesn’t laugh, I repeat the joke over and over again until she laughs (this is a really good technique to train your siblings to laugh the first time around). She supports me in everything I do. She is the first to read, like, comment, share my stuff. I can post a picture of my feet and she would go social-media crazy about it. She is the best.

My frien-sis-nemy

We are sisters so we fight. It is part of our job description. With time, our fights are getting more ridiculous but less dramatic. Here is one example of our many arguments (true story):

The sis: Oh you cooked, that is so nice!

Me: Sanks!

The sis: But next time, please do the dishes before you cook.

Me (overreacting): I COOKED. I effing COOKED and I never COOK. Next time you do the dishes and COOK. I will never COOK again.

The sis (in a very diplomatic voice): Don’t yell you piece of pie (my sis doesn’t curse, she is an angel), a sane person would have seen the mountain of dishes and made THAT a top priority.

Me: I COOKED! C-O-O-K-E-D! Apologise for being ungrateful. I COOKED.

The sis: Yo! chill! It was just an observation.

(3 minutes of silence)

Me: Do you want to grab a dessert?

The sis: yes! yalla!

(4 years later)

Me: Do you remember the time I COOKED?

This is how we argue about random stuff and this is how she has to deal with my drama queen side, on an everyday basis. She has to love me no matter what I say or do. She has to. Or else I tell mum (the first one).

My idol

Sometimes I wish I could be Beyoncé but most of the time I wish I could be her. All the words in the world won’t give her many qualities justice. She is a beautiful human being inside and out and I truly wish her all the best in her happy life.

Having a big sister is a real blessing. Mine has a heart bigger than the moon.Everybody who knows her would agree. Even though we are very different in so many ways, I wouldn’t ask for another sister.

I love you.





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