The mystery friend

This #suggestedbyyou section is getting more and more interesting. Friends are suggesting I talk about them. Everybody is inspiring in his/her own way, so why not? I am writing a post about someone my friends and family know very well. I won’t say the name, you, as readers, will try to guess it in the comments below and if you win, you will be so proud of yourself that nothing else will ever matter.

(This is a picture of the post you are reading because I can’t put my friend’s face… This is the only picture that makes sense: inception of the post, or “posteption” as Leo would call it. Confused?)

Let’s go.

This person is dear to my heart, obviously, but I had to write it somewhere. Now that this is done we can move on to the juicy stuff. (Don’t get excited, I wrote “juicy” because it made my sentence prettier).

I am just going to throw in bits and pieces of random stuff. I am not going to write serious facts because I am sure someday Wikipedia will do that.

I have known this human since ages and if I could be a vampire and never die, I will be forever and ever and ever grateful that we are friends. Wait a minute; If I ever become a vampire and the human stays human I might eat her/him because ADORABLENESS! So the only solution is to make him/her a vampire and both go live in Hotel Transylvania. Sounds like a good plan to me!

I have never seen this person sad or angry. And I wish to never do. (This last sentence sounds a little bit odd but so is my friend!)

WhatsApp is a great invention. Human race has come so far. But the conversations in group-chats are still very tricky. My friend has the gift to make them less clear and more uyjghfhaieghvnnxieiitulaeiaefjknf…. I never understand a word he/she says: WHAT DO YOU MEAN? (I am 100% sure Justin wrote this song about you. Lucky beach!)

Here is a TINY example of our everyday conversations:

-The normal people in the group chat: hello, hi, hey…

-The friend *sends a random video*

-TNPITGC: wanna go watch a movie tonight?

-TF: well, I can’t next week but at noon I have to study. Tomorrow I am going swimming if you guys wanna join. I might be free sometimes tonight. Depends if you are doing something. ORLANDO baby! Who is in?

-TNPITGC: (think but do not write: WTF!!!!) yo! can you make it tonight to the movies. Yes or no?

-TF: what movie?

-TNPITGC: the famous prequel of the Fast and Furious saga: Slow and Relaxed. OMG it has so many good reviews.

-TF: oh yeah I want to see it, but not tomorrow. Unless I can. Well I promised my cousins I would see it with them. Is it okay guys if they come with us next Wednesday? I am hungry btw…

-TNPITGC: *giving up* Shawarmaaaa

-TF: Shawarmaaaaaaaa

-TNPITGC: Shawarmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I am not going to ramble on and on about my friend so enjoy these last words:

The face of an angel.

The body of an athlete.

The heart of a child.

The brain of a genius.

Always there for me. Always there for you. (But preferably in the Beirut area).

You know who you are because, hmmm, you suggested I write an essay about you. I hope you like it. I like it. I like you.

If you, readers, have a friend like that in your life, you are truly blessed.





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