Emoji Texting

Hello. My name is Sandrine and I am an emojiholic.

Nobody responds because I am alone during this session. The mentor is not here either, because he has better things to do.



If you’ve ever received a WhatsApp from me, it is always packed with emojis. Always. I do not know how to write without using them. All my words won’t make any sense if I do not add a little drawing next to them. Sometimes I write stuff according to emojis’ availability. This is how strong our bond is. James Bond Strong.

I don’t know if it is just me, but if I don’t add emojis I sound mean, and rude, and cold, or at least I think I do.

There has to be an emoji for everything. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. No matter how many updates the app peeps make there will always be something missing. Do you feel me?

Butterfly Emoji! Where you at??? Barfing Smiley Face! Hello??? I mean basic stuff for a normal conversation… AMIRIGHT?



How are you?

Not feeling very well. Kinda sick.

What’s wrong?

*barfing smiley face emoji*

Oh! Get well soon man! *butterfly emoji*

Thank you but why the *butterfly emoji* ??

I’m sorry, I meant to send you this *red heart*

See? B A S I C S

(If I use them right is a whole other story…)


Sometimes, I work on my emoji addiction and try to use them less either to feel normal (because the other person does not use them as much as I do) or just to hide my over-the-place-teenage-side. And this is what happens instead: I start adding letters to my words to sound nicer (even though, I know it will make me sound like I am singing or shouting) but I can’t help it.

Normal Texter: Hi

Emoji-Sober-Me: Hiiiiiii

NT: How are you?

ES-Me: Fine and uuuuuu?

NT: good. What are you up to?

ES-Me: Nothing much. Just trying to write a post on my blooooog

NT: Cool. Ttyl!

ES-Me: Okaaaay bbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

Why do I do thaaaaaaaat? I really don’t know. (When I read my conversations before sleep (to awake my overthinking powers and not sleep eventually), I can actually hear myself screaming… How annoying am I?)


The combo of all combos is when I combine -combing my hair (not relevant, just wanted to add a little comb word to all this comb-combo madness)- these two quite-annoying-texting-habits:

NT: Hi

Normal Me: Hiiii *Laughing smiley emoji* *Laughing smiley emoji* *Laughing smiley emoji* *Laughing smiley emoji*

NT: Yo! What is so funny?

NM: Nothiiiiiing… *Laughing smiley emoji* *Laughing smiley emoji* *Laughing smiley emoji* *Laughing smiley emoji*

NT: okay…

NM: *butterfly emoji* *butterfly emoji* *butterfly emoji* *butterfly emoji*

NT was last seen a second ago ~ NT is still online for the rest of the contact list though ~ The WhatsApp Team ~

Maybe if the app peeps make the first 100 emojis free and then they charge us… we will use them more wisely. Yes? No? Anyways, I can’t imagine the Internet world without emojis. They have saved us so many times. They make remarks nicer, insults funnier… They encourage us to be more creative… They put emotions to our words and colors to our conversations… They are helpful when we don’t have captions ideas… They end conversations in a gentle way… Oh the things they do for us…

Well, for me, emojis are LIFE. I emoji my way out of every situation.

(Don’t get me started with the mistaks I mak on purpos wayl tXtn. Its anoza thng I do)




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