I cut my own hair

I cut my hair. First resolution down! I actually crossed something off of my RRL. I can now rest all 2017. I did good. Woop! Woop! Sometimes I procrastinate and sometimes I don't. I like to surprise myself. We make a good team. I decided to dedicate my last 2016 post to my hair. Maybe one day I … Continue reading I cut my own hair


My 2017 and every year resolutions

Cheers! 2016 has been a tough year, in media and in my life. I hope that 2017 will do better. And if it doesn’t, I can re-use this 2-sentence intro for my 2018 resolutions post. LESS WORK FOR ME, YAY! When it comes to keeping resolutions, I kinda suck, so I never end up making … Continue reading My 2017 and every year resolutions