Fiends vs Family

Travelling with friends vs travelling with family:

Travelling is magical whether you are wandering alone or with a bunch of people. I have experienced going away in the SAME city with friends and with family and LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING it is not the same. I know all of you can agree. I am not making stuff up. FACTS.


Your friends love taking them, family members not so much. Whenever I travel with friends I end up having hundreds of pictures with mainly our silly faces in them: selfies, jumps, model shots, with the hat, without the hat… But during a family trip though, I only take 3 landscape pictures with my sister photobombing one of them.


Friends can sleep anywhere. Family members need proper space. Can you imagine yourself sleeping with your sister, brother, father, mother, aunt and uncle in the same small room? NO? Me neither… But can seven friends fit in that same place? HELL YES! Will they sleep well? HELL NO! But who really cares … we can all sleep back home… Sleep is expensive abroad: hey, I didn’t pay all that money to get there and sleep! Right? RIGHT?


The best part about travelling with family is that I get to eat three proper meals per day (nutrition is also important during holidays) and half of them are offered by the wealthier or the older members (so it’s never me niahahaha). With friends, I just eat all day, non-stop: Pre-breakfast, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, Oh look! Ice Cream!, snack, dinner, drinks, snack, pre-breakfast… (In the middle of the trip, I eat an apple or order a salad just because I feel guilty: Pre-breakfast, breakfast, snack, lunch, an apple, Oh look! Ice Cream!, snack, a salad, drinks, snack, pre-breakfast…)


Family trip: museums, parks, church, cathedrals, church.

Friends’ trip: museum, concert, pub, restaurants, pub.


Here I can EASILY put guy friends with family members. Both groups don’t like this famous touristic activity very much. I don’t know why… With girl-friends, abroad, money doesn’t have any value. Weird… They say “Shop till you drop” but we NEVER EVER DROP, we are warriors. We only have one rule though: the things we buy MUST fit in our luggage. It is a challenging challenge.


Travelling doesn’t change the fact that we fight all the time with our siblings or parents. As a tight family, we honor theses traditions. With friends we do not fight, we gossip and compromise. As long as we have strong bonds everything will always go smoothly.

Can you relate?

For friends who turned into family… hmmm… I guess they keep their “Friends” status during trips…



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