Y U so stupid


Me with red lipstick on

If you know me very well, you must know by now that I rarely get angry when I drive. I don’t hunk nor do I swear, I just poker-face my way through traffic. BUT I get very frustrated when I see someone throwing TRASH out of the car window. I become the HULK. I mean, the smaller, cuter, less green version of the hulk. But still, I get very angry. Papers, bags and food getting thrown out make me emotional, in a bad way.

Keeping your car clean doesn’t mean you have to ruin the streets. It doesn’t work like that. People who do that should get tickets. There should be censors on the roads for that.

  • Excuse-me sir, but I saw you throwing a banana peel out of your vehicle.
  • Yes, so?
  • So? It is illegal…
  • It is biodegradable. Someone will pick it up. It is their job.
  • Sir…

~ Yeah, well, that won’t work here in Lebanon~

Oh! Oh! Better! Car-makers should build in alarms that go on whenever someone thinks of getting rid of the trash. The same sound used for seatbelt, lights and car keys but LOUDER and SCARIER. Or they could also create a special place in the car for real trash (not just ashtrays) if the driver is too lazy to bring a plastic bag. So many clever ideas… I am a genius…

It is sad that stuff this dumb still happen in a country where we complain all the time about the garbage crisis, and yet we contribute somehow in keeping it.

True events:

One day, when I was driving and minding my own business, I see, in a car in front of me, an old man cleaning his steering wheel with a tissue paper or some kind of wet wipes. FOR A SECOND, I thought to myself: What a clean man, I should start cleaning mine too. And then, he opens his window and throws his tissue out. WHY?

Stuck in traffic, I was singing my heart out trying to forget I was running late for work. A man was smoking a cigarette next to me. He then threw it out. Normal. (If you think about it, this shouldn’t be normal, but it’s somehow acceptable). Then he throws the empty pack. Not normal.

While waiting patiently at a red light, I see a guy throwing a tissue paper out of his window. Hey! Then a second one. Heey! Then a third one. Heeey! Then a fourth one. Heeeeystupid@()(#*^#$@^* I wanted to talk to him citizen-to-citizen. When the light turned green, I reached his level and opened my window, and then I saw his face… He had the scariest look in his eyes… I chickened out.

To all the mothertrashers out there, NOT throwing stuff on the floor should come naturally like BREATHING.



2 thoughts on “Y U so stupid

  1. There’s a video somewhere of a campaign done by someone on a motorcycle who picks the trash that was thrown out the window and the throws it back in the car. It’s hilarious. Let me find the link 😛

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