My 2017 and every year resolutions


2016 has been a tough year, in media and in my life. I hope that 2017 will do better. And if it doesn’t, I can re-use this 2-sentence intro for my 2018 resolutions post. LESS WORK FOR ME, YAY!

When it comes to keeping resolutions, I kinda suck, so I never end up making a proper list. Yes, of course, I want to get thinner, eat healthier and squat, but these things are more like my Monday-Motivatation-That-Lasts-Till-Tuesday kinda resolutions. I don’t smoke nor do I drink a lot, so that’s two resolutions I don’t have to take. PFIOU!

I will spare myself the lies this year and tell you what I really really really want (apart from “zigazig ha”) to achieve in 2017 and the upcoming years.

Some are realistic others not so much, but all of them are equally important. I need to have dreams that require more than 12 months to come true. Knowing that I still have the same goals at the end of each year makes them more importanter, ya know? And one day, they will make it on the Realistic Resolutions List (the famous RRL) and they will come to life (unlike my beach body). Do I make any sense? Yes. Let’s proceed.


  • Keep this blog ALIVE. I find it very hard committing to something for a long period of time. But I will do my best, because it is very dear to my heart and to yours, right? I can’t let you down. I won’t.
  • Make new friends and introduce them to my now friends.
  • Buy more heels and dresses. (Maybe this should make my other list, I am not sure yet haha)
  • Cut my hair. Soon.
  • SAVE MONEY. This is difficult.
  • Go to Paris. Something I have to do at least once a year. It is becoming less of a resolution and more of a habit, hard to break. But it is ALWAYS the best and easiest decision I take.
  • Go somewhere new that is not Paris.
  • SAVE MONEY. I told you it is difficult, especially after two trips!
  • Call people more. I hate talking on the phone. I hate hearing my phone ring. I don’t know why because when I am actually on the phone I love making conversation… Wanting to call people and ask them how they’ve been is something I miss a lot… (Thanks to WhatsApp and its squad)
  • Cook. Anything.
  • Read books.

My not so RRL:

  • Living abroad. In Europe. In France. In Paris. In Challah.
  • Learn a new language. Spanish or Italian.
  • Have a YouTube channel where I can embarrass myself properly.
  • Write a book. Than refer to the RRL and read it. Niahahahaha
  • Get married. Have kids. Embarrass them. And laugh.
  • Give back to my parents.

Most importantly, I must remain grateful at all time. I am lucky to be alive and have what I have. Hashtag Blessed. (Quoting the only part I sing in the new Bruno Mars “24K Magic” song)

I am posting this resolution article now, before 2017, just in case.



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