Guinea Pig Love

I have a guinea pig at home. And let me tell you something, he (yes, for me it is a dude) teaches me more about life than anyone.

He loves his veggies

I wish I could get as excited as him when I eat my salad. Whenever I bring him lettuce, he jumps and starts eating it super fast. I don’t know why:

  1. I won’t take it back, it is lettuce!
  2. He doesn’t have a super packed schedule or a place he needs to be in 5 minutes.

He chews faster than Eminem raps. Lettuce for him is like chocolate cake for me.

He is peaceful

You can do anything to him. He won’t fight back. You can touch his ears, nose, eyes (I am an awful person) he won’t do anything about it. He is just going to sit and wait for you to come to your senses and give him that damn lettuce you have been holding for more than 5 minutes.

He is modest

A couple of weeks ago, my sister brought home new treats for guinea pigs: biscuits, sticks and stuff. We got so excited to give them to our beloved pet. But no. Just no. He didn’t care about them at all. Instead he continued chewing on his lettuce. He is committed to his healthy lifestyle I tell you. Fancy and expensive stuff are not what this life is all about.

He sleeps all day everyday

During the day. During the night. The way he yawns and lays down makes you wanna drop everything and sleep. Sometimes he eats half a lettuce leaf and sleep on the other half. Sleeping is important, thank you for reminding me.

He is a coward

Whenever he hears a weird, loud and unfamiliar sound he runs to his little house. Well, he didn’t teach me anything here. I am already a coward. Aren’t we all? Whenever I hear a strange noise at night, I just hide under my sheets and ignore it. If the sound is loud but familiar, he will stop chewing on his lettuce and stand still for a few seconds (the perfect moment to take a picture of him for Instagram) and then carry on. If I was eating my chocolate cake and I hear a weird sound… well, it is chocolate cake, nothing will stop me, not even for ONE SECOND.

Sadly, I have developed allergies towards him. I am blessed like that.

So we only communicate by words and looks. Sometimes I pet him on the head and sometimes he sniffs my fingers (and I get so scared he might bite me if I smell like lettuce. Everytime he does that, I die a little bit). I cherish our relationship, I cherish our love. We live in an apartment so owning a dog is quite impossible. My guinea pig is my dog. The only difference is that he eats lettuce. Oh and he doesn’t jump with joy whenever I come home. He just jumps with fear. Kinda the same, right? Other than that, he is the dog I never had.

Boubou brings me joy by just being there.


P.S: Lettuce.


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