Am I the only weird one?

I will share with you 5 weird things I do. I hope I am not the only one.

  • I read magazines from the end. I flip the pages starting the back. Yes, like it is an Arabic book, but it’s not (knowing I rarely pick up Arabic magazines). I end up reading horoscopes first. Yes, I read what my sign has to say about my near future. If it is crap; I just throw the magazine away and head to the fridge. What is the point of reading this magazine, if Jupiter won’t allow me to travel on February the 2nd due to financial issues leading to unsuccessful Love Life and eventually, death? Right? Ice Cream it is. BUT, if Saturn and the Moon are friends, and the next person I meet between the 5th and the 6th of February, around midnight, will give me cash, love and a career, Hell Yes, I will read the whole magazine, because its info seems accurate.
  • I wear my rings with the sayings and drawings facing my face. To make myself clearerererer, I wear them so I am the only one who can properly see the designs. Why wearing them facing the others? I get dizzy every time I look at my hand with upside down drawings. It is confusing. What are the odds that someone will come and ask me about the design anyways? If they happen to be next to me, I can stand next to them (both facing the same direction) and show them. If I had the ring facing them, I will have to go all Royal for them to see it clearer . (They will have to hold my hand in theirs to properly see the details, maybe kiss it… And everybody will know that I am real princess… I am not comfortable with that… For now)
  • I talk to myself. Everyone does. It is not something special. But I tend to do it more after I humiliate myself. For example, at the supermarket, when I ask an employee about something that was right under my face the whole time, I laugh and start a deep convo with myself about my stupidity, usually followed by awkward giggles. Then everybody will look at me thinking I must be crazy for laughing alone, so I start another convo with myself, until I go completely MAD. You will rarely see that side of me (unless you happen to be in that exact supermarket). If I ever humiliate myself in your company, you will have to hear me talking non-stop about my humiliating situation and analyse my overthinking, ending with: Will the employee ever love me again?
  • When watching horror movies, I don’t close my eyes during the creepy scenes. I am a big girl. Not. I just reduce my “Field of sight” closing half my eyes or using my hands to create a tiny whole in front of my eyes. I still can see the entire screen, but I feel protected. From what? Hahaha, it is a movie… This half-ostrich technic allows me to watch every detail without being totally exposed. It works for me… I am not a chicken; I am just a small chicken wing. A tiny bit weak… Don’t judge me!
  • In my car I sing. You already know that. But I get more excited when I don’t know the lyrics and I start shouting my own version of the song. I go gangsta on a love song, I only say the last word of every rap sentence, and I replace some words with better ones (in my opinion) in every song… Even though sometimes I know the original lyrics, my recent changes cannot be unheard so I stick to them.

Let me know if you do the same or share with me your weird habits. I WANNA KNOW! NOW! MIAOU!



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