My attempt at an #OOTD

I read lots of different kind of blogs.

I realized that the quickest reads were the Outfits ones (#OutfitOfTheDay #ootd). They only require a catchy out-of-this-world title followed by 3-5 sentences and beautiful pictures of the outfit in various angles. I enjoy them a lot because you get easily inspired without the nonsense blablabla.

While I got dressed this morning, I decided to give it a try. I am not a fashion blogger (yet niahahahha), but I am a girl. That will do.

I asked my dear friend Aline from Nouchaline Blog, to take the pictures. She is still an intern at SandrinePayanPhotography. Don’t be harsh on her if the pictures are a little bit weird; she did her best.

Less writing more pictures…

Here is my blog post.


Oversize Love and Winter Sun

You know when you love many things on a restaurant’s menu and you end up ordering them all? This is what I did, but with clothes.

I woke up this morning and decided to wear my entire closet at once because layering is LIFE.

Enjoy z marvelous pictures of me trying to pose like a model. Victoria’s Secret here I come!

Coat, Oversize Cardigan, Pants, Top, Shoes and Socks: My Closet

Jewelry: My drawer

Bag: There wasn’t any bag in the pictures

Photos: Aline and her iPhone from SandrinePayanPhotography


If you liked the look let me know and if you hated it close your eyes.




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