Mystery hacker

After publishing “Things you don’t know about me” , my revealed home-boy from “The mystery friend” decided to write something about me. It was during Christmas time, and we were exchanging gifts. He was my Secret Santa (thanks again for my amazing shower gels from USA, woop woop) and wanted to hack my computer, upload it himself and make it seem like I have written it. I forgot my laptop at home that day, so, instead, he sent me the below by mail, waiting patiently for me to publish it. I wasn’t sure at first about uploading a post about my AWESOMENESS but here it goes, un-edited:
Mystery Me…
The inevitable has happened and I have been hacked.

I have no idea this is being posted and my hacker is talking in the first person as if he/she were me

Actually, I am being hacked because there are still “Things you don’t know about me (the loaded version)”
I am hilarious
Like i can find humor in any situation, I can cheer up people in any situation, at least that’s how my hacker sees me…

What’s that? Oh you want proof? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE PROOF!!



As you know I love introducing people and making people connect, school friends to work friends, cousins to friends, old friends to new friends, everyone to my guinea pig. I make the world a smaller and happier place, just like Disneyland.

So when I invite them over to Disneyland (I mean my house) they could sit in silence and listen to me talk, make jokes, find the humor in anything and everyone. My reactions are priceless 😀
I am an amazing support system
I can think of the best things to say about anyone. I’m a positive person so I really am sincere when I give compliments, and I get flustered when I am given any (OMG will I hate this post?) 

But you already know this…

What you don’t know is that beyond just giving a random compliment, I understand the unspoken things that people feel and can target them with those compliments. I make them feel great when they are at their lowest and I give pretty sound advice too.

Yes Hallmark, I’ll take the job as CEO…
I have my quirks, but who doesn’t? I am loved more for them
I have said so before but i need to say it again. And so my hacker/secret santa/mystery friend has just offered me some in addition to posting this post

PS: My hacker is obviously not as funny as me, or as hallmark-ey, but he’d like to add that I am a great date, a great bro (when it is appropriate), best sense of humor, amazing hairdresser, spontaneous and always down to do anything.

I’m so adorable he loves me to bits

Karam Karam”

Voilà. I kinda ruined his evil-hacker-but-Oh-so-sweet-plan by adding an intro and clearly stating that I am not the author but I am sure you love it as much as I do (hoping it were all about YOU). Do you agree with him though? LETMEKNOW!



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