My sis is my roommate

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My parents have been living abroad for quite a while now and I have been stuck in the family appartment with my sista from the same motha and fatha (nothing original here). We might be 100years old but deep down we feel we are still 12. (Thanks mom for spoiling us to the bones, we love you!). Sharing a big space we don’t need with the sis, has it perks.

We both share the same love for procrastination

We live by this motto “If we can do it today we can also do it tomorrow”. It seems to work very well (and by tomorrow I mean the weekend). At the beginning of our parent-less situation, the minute we would finish using a fork we would immediately wash it, leaving the sink empty and shiny. These days are far-gone… We have now mastered the “tower building with perfect balance” skill. We would rather spend time tidying the sink and rearranging the plates than wash them. Weird logic. I know that it is not very hygienic to leave unwashed dishes for a couple of days, but who cares really? We are still alive!


The cheesiest Valentine’s Day Card I made for our one and only

(I have got some maaaaad photoshop skiiiiillllzzzz… give me a call if you need me to design your future wedding cards)

We congratulate eachother

When I water the plants I get a round of applause. When my sister pays some kind of joint bill, she gets a standing ovation. Lots of “Thank You”s are heard along the day. Whenever I comeback IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK to an unexpected empty sink, I get all emotional, I do have the most thoughtful and wonderful sister… What an amazing surprise! We appreciate each other’s rare efforts… We managed to transform what is supposed to be “everyday normal shores” to over-achievement-acts-of-major-kindness. After doing one tiny little thing, we feel we should get a free compliment, a 1-month vacation to Bali, a box of chocolates and a “trophy emoji” from mum via whatsapp.

We love to cook

But we don’t. Cooking unfolds hidden tasks we quickly remember when the idea crosses our mind: Decide what to cook – make a list of the ingredients – go to the supermarket – cook – pray it turns out alright – eat – do the dishes – store the rest of the food away – think of all the Tupperware we will need to wash in the weekend – go lay down and internally scream HOW DO MARRIED COUPLES WITH CHILDREN DO IT? Writing and thinking about it, right now, is just as exhausting… I need a break!

The best part of this whole thing is that my sis and I are on the same page. Somehow a part of our brain synched and FOR NOW we kinda sorta think alike, although God knows we are very different.

Disclaimer: The house is clean; we hate dust as much as you do. We have just built a strong relationship with our dishes; we are fond of them, especially when they talk dirty to us. They don’t talk. They are just dirty. But sometimes I feel they are trying to say something…

Dirty Dishes: Yeah Beach! We speak alright. WASH US!

(Dirty Dishes might be my next rapper name, stay tuned)



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