Daily stuff that make me smile

This is a list (everybody loves a good list) of small daily things that happen and make me smile (but there is no one there to applause)…

  • When the parking guy says “Bravo!” with one thumb up after he has asked me (and by asked me I mean commanded me) to park my car in a specific yet bizarre way and I succeed.
  • When the gas station guy greets me with “Hello beautiful queen of the world, your smile is the light of the universe” when I have my Monday face on. I blush awkwardly wishing I had filmed this scene so that my friends would finally believe I am the queen…
  • When, home alone at night, I manage to kill a cockroach. (I usually don’t kill insects, I capture them and set them free in nature, but cockroaches are too smart and too pretty to live)
  • When I guess the end of a movie in my head and it actually happens. Repeating it out loud to my friends once the movie has ended doesn’t have the same satisfaction, at this point they just don’t care and rather focus on what to eat.
  • When I drop something and catch it back before it hits the ground after doing 4 squats, 1 plank and 2 zumba moves. Where is the cheering crowd when you need it?
  • When my new favourite song comes on the radio and I sing the whole chorus without messing up the words. Beyoncé who? Payoncé IN DA HOUSE!

The list goes on and on… Share with me the small things that make your day. I would be honoured to applause.


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8 thoughts on “Daily stuff that make me smile

  1. Voir le doux visage de Sandrine le matin au bureau, qui apparaît plein de malice de derriere son écran d’ordinateur 🙂 Pikaboo!

  2. I know that you were happy once when people stopped their cars so that pigeons cross the street safely!! I remember it made your day 😉

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