Trying on Wedding dresses: A Noveil (see what I did there?)

I have recently tried on wedding dresses.

For work purposes.

Yes, I am a professional wedding dresses trier.

No I am not, but I should be.

And so should you!

Before dropping out of school or quitting your job to pursue this inexistent career let me tell you all about my experience. Why? Because I have lots of pictures and I don’t know what to do with them. (Yes I have proudly turned into a Facebook Bride who still uploads wedding albums in 2017 minus the husband and the actual ceremony. Minor details.)

I actually write articles for Mondanité for a living. I write in French for both the print and the online versions (#goread) . I am a journalist. I report, research, investigate, study, ask, read, review and record. And sometimes I just open Google, depends on my mood. Loving my job made me create my own blog because writing WOW WOW this post is not about my work it is about wedding dresses.

Anyways, when my colleague asked me to go with her try on wedding dresses and then write about it. I was like ok (very interesting story). She wanted to write about different types of dresses and body shapes. I am a parallelogram.

We were 3. We went to the oh-so-pretty Esposa Privé boutique. There were champagne, smiles and almost tears but no future husbands. Bummer.

(Trying on husbands should have made a better article, maybe another time.)

I tried on an Oscar de la Renta short lace dress and a Monique Lhuillier blush and shiny ball gown. I chose untraditional styles and I had the highest shoes on (the shoe could easily play basketball on its own). My feet were shaking like crazy. I was afraid to fall and die.

FLASH NEWS: A girl died from falling from her high heels on her wedding day. Euh wait no. She was just trying dresses. Nevermind. Back to you Dima.


Overall champagne was delicious but the thought of staining the expensive dresses made me avoid drinking it. I had fun with my colleagues and the team. Everyone was very professional. They let us take many pictures for work. I felt like a true princess and I forgot for a while about my insecurities. I wrote all about it in the magazine. I don’t think I will have the opportunity to live this experience again in real life. I am greatful. Full of great.

I am not going to ramble a lot so brace yourself for the (unretouched) pictures :


The best part about this whole experience of the highest importance is that I felt like I was getting married without actually getting married. A weird and amazing feeling. You should try it, and if you are already married, try filing for divorce without actually filing for divorce, it should be as fun.

Now that I have published this post, I can finally delete the pictures from my phone and take new ones of my guinea pig without seeing the “Not enough memory because of your imaginary wedding” message popping on my screen.


Big shout out to Nora & Aline. Cheers to colleagues turned friends.

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