2017 Resolutions: Let’s all laugh

People, we are the 21st of July 2017! Tousawzenseventine!

Cheers all day everyday!

Where did the time go? More than half of the year has passed and I am not sure I kept my resolutions. I have failed them, I have failed me, but most importantly I have failed you, dear reader, deareader.

Let’s go through them and see where I am at.

My 2017 Realistic Resolution List (RRL):

  • Keep this blog ALIVE. My blog is still up and running (like the time). I am kinda proud. If you read my original resolution post and are reading this one right now, you are the reason why I continue writing. If you clicked on this link by mistake and made it to these words, you are loved. If you are not reading this, then
  • Make new friends and introduce them to my now friends. My colleagues are now my friends. Other than talking about work, weather and food menus, we sometimes talk about relationships, evil plans and unicorns. Both group friends shall soon meet. If you want to become my new friend, please let me know. We can have coffee sometime.
  • Buy more heels and dresses. Heels, hmmmm… no but I BOUGHT A DRESS A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO JUST IN TIME FOR THIS POST. I am half a hero. I am a RO!
  • Cut my hair. I did that before 2017 even started. It was a big chop that I did myself and documented on the blog. (Resolution #1 consistency). I trimmed it again on the first of July. I am sorry for the many details, but I thought I should update you on my every hair move in case one of your resolutions was to stay updated on my every hair moves. You are welcomed.
  • Save money. I was an ambitious little girl… #goodtimes
  • Go to Paris. Maybe in October? I still have time. I think.
  • Go somewhere new that is not Paris. Maybe in August? You will know. Soon.
  • SAVE MONEY. I already laughed about this and still haven’t travelled yet. Maybe I will cry at the end of 2017.
  • Call people more. I emoji-text people a lot though… It is my quiet way of showing them that I care… I do miss saying “Allo”…
  • I am proud to say that I have mastered my perfect version of a grilled cheese sandwich. If I continue on this road, I will soon open my own restaurant.
  • Read books. I am kind of proud of myself because I am currently reading “The book of all the familiar faces”. This book gives you a very interesting insight on the different perspectives of the everyday life. You get very personal with each character. And at the end, you know more about them than they know about themselves. The emotions, the stories, the memories, the…WHO AM I KIDDING?! Facebook is not a real book. I feel ashamed…

Oh well, I still have 4 months to travel, save money, prepare a 5-course meal, read books, buy heels… I CAN DO THIS! (Okay, maybe just the travel part.)

Note to self: no need for a 2018 Resolution post. This is not a fictional blog, yet.



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