I went on staycation…

…And I loved it!

Disclaimer: If you are here to find useful information about hotel details and accommodation, you will get disappointed. I am sorry. I am literally crying right now.

I used to believe that booking a hotel in your own country is like paying your parents rent. Nonsense, for the poor and spoiled child that I proudly am.

Lebanon is a small country with countless hidden treasures. Everybody who visits it fall immediately in love with it. (This is a sponsored post, Lebanon has indeed sent me an email asking me to promote tourism and hospitality in exchange of more humidity. I couldn’t refuse this generous offer.)

“One can visit everything during one day and sleep in their own bed”, this is (was) my favorite motto. But, it all changed when I went with my friends to the south of Lebanon for a week-end/Bachelorette getaway. The costal city wasn’t new to me but sleeping there was. I was excited.

I am going to walk you through my experience.

  • The packing

I was leaving for less than 48 hours, so I packed for 48 years just in case. We all over-pack, it is a universal thing, almost like a rule, a law, an instinct, a reflex, a tradition, a curse, (please feel free to add your own synonym)… Only the brave ones under-pack; I salute you. Does anyone just normal-pack? People should do a packing competition with medals and everything. It should be an international contest, like chess; because packing involves logic, mathematics, strategy, and probability… my head hurts thinking about it… Ouh, they should also add categories:

pack in a hurry

pack for a wedding your ex might attend

pack for a beach escape even though it might rain

So many awesome ideas to consider.

  • The goodbyes

If you are like me, emotionally attached to your bed, you know that leaving it can be devastating. Cheating on your bed is far worst than cheating on your diet. Cheat meals seem fine compared to cheat sleeps: cheat meals make you feel happier in between cooked vegetables and blueberry oats but cheat sleeps make you feel somehow more tired and depressed. My heart was aching everytime I thought of my bed feeling cold at night knowing that I am sleeping on another one. Then, I said my goodbyes to my family. I asked them to join me in the living room; I prepared a small speech, recorded a song, learned a choreography and wrote a card. I almost cried, but I didn’t, because none of this happened.

I yelled “Goodbye family, I love you all, I will see you tomorrow but if something happens I…”


Does this unaligned picture annoy you?

  • The roadtrip

I felt like I was travelling to an unknown foreign destination. It was a two-hour ride (a normal everyday ride for someone who woks in Beirut) but it sure felt like a 4-hour flight. Glad I had 6 breakfasts in one. We were 5 friends in a car with good music. One of them was sleeping (the smartest thing to do), one was a talking-traffic-detector-GPS, one was the voice of reason, one was driving (obviously) with excitement and there was me, making stupid lame jokes, just in case someone wasn’t feeling nauseous enough. (How do people go on 5-hour+ roadtrips? HOW?)

  • The arrival

The wow effect was there. Foreign people -too blond too white, suitcases everywhere, the beach… We go abroad for these kinds of things, things we can find in our own backyard. (Ok I don’t travel to see extra-blond people but you get the idea). The hotel experience changes everything. BONUS: no need to talk to the staff in a weird English accent and ask for electrical adapters. I felt at home, but with a free upgrade. Guys, a room with a sea view changes EVERYTHING. It was the first time I wanted to live on the balcony.

  • The stay

Like on a proper vacation, all we did was tan, eat and drink. And then eat and drink more. It was a bachelorette weekend after all. But deep down, just being there, in a dreamy location, in a beautiful hotel, was a valid reason to celebrate every minute. If I could summarize the food experience with one word, it would be BREAKFAST. In my every day life, I can wake up very early and still be tired just because I smell the sweet aroma of crepe… I am the kind of person who has breakfast before brunch… just in case brunch wasn’t as satisfying as I thought; I still want to make sure I had a proper breakfast that day. Just like over-packing, I over-breakfast… So if a hotel offers a buffet, I am going to buffet hard! I had two amazing days with my favorite girlfriends drinking to love and friendship! We didn’t visit landmarks in Tyre because we have already seen them many times. Enjoying near-by areas were enough for a chill getaway.

  • The departure

Sad. But the idea of having ice cream on the way back made everything better. This time, the 2-hour ride felt like a 15-minute bus ride… silent. I got a little bit depressed, the mood I usually get on my way back from the airport… Now all I have are memories and one million pictures of me posing near every wall.

  • The end

The look of peace.

I now understand why locals do it all the time. It is some form of travelling. I mean, at this point, I could just book a room in the hotel next to my house! Sightseeing in your own country is awesome but staying in a hotel makes you feel on vacation. I would do it again. I will still be a proud spoiled child though, but slightly poorer.


Hotel: Dar-Alma, Tyr, South of beloved Lebanon ❤


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