Hello you little ray of sunshine. Thank you for passing by, it means the world to me, I think I love you.

Well, I am not very good at describing myself. But, hey, you clicked on the “About” button, so it is my duty to write something that will satisfy your curiosity. My name is Sandrine Payan (just in case you weren’t completely sure at this point). I am a French-Lebanese journalist. I am 30 years OLD (OMG I am old) and I live in Lebanon. TADAAAA exciting, right? Satisfied? No? Don’t worry, you will get to know me better through my posts. At this point, this 1-year old blog is a big bowl of Thoughts-Feelings-Randomness punch. Drink up!

Follow me as I take the plunge into all this blogger madness (but please save me if you ever see me losing my mind).

Need to tell me something very important? Hit me up: sandrine.payan@hotmail.com (yes, a hotmail account, so vintage)

P.S: you can call me sandr, Sandr or SANDR. You decide.