People at weddings

Weddings are great. Yes this is my introduction. It is Friday; I have better things to do, like not writing this introduction. So lets get to the list now. Châle oui? The girl who thinks it is her wedding but it is not She has a big white-ish dress, big hair and make-up that started … Continue reading People at weddings


My sis is my roommate

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My parents have been living abroad for quite a while now and I have been stuck in the family appartment with my sista from the same motha and fatha (nothing original here). We might be 100years old but deep down we feel we are still 12. (Thanks mom for spoiling … Continue reading My sis is my roommate

For my Arabic readers

اي هاف بن طولد تو رايت إن ارابك. هير اي آم في احد ايام الشتاء القارسة، ذهبت مع رفيقي عبدو الى الغابة لنستكشف اسرار الطبيعة الخلابة. الاشجار كانت كبيرة، عارية من اوراقها، اغصانها كانت ترقص على طرب الرياح. يا له من مشهد جميل. كان عبدو يشعر بالبرد الشديد، كونه لن يرتدي المعطف، لانه رفض ان … Continue reading For my Arabic readers